What is Qigong?

Qigong can be loosely translated as energy-work/cultivation. Qigong is a vital part of the Harmónia Tai Chi Retreat program and connects flawlessly with both meditation and Tai Chi. The exercises of Qigong have been used and developed for thousands of years.

The central theory of Qigong is that everything in the universe, including the human body, consists of energy.

In Chinese this universal energy is called ‘Qi’. Like Qigong, Traditional Chinese medicine is also based around the belief that, together with taking care of the physical body, health comes from balance and flow within the human ‘energy body’. In the same way disease comes from stagnation and blockage in the flow of Qi. At the heart of Qigong theory stands the concept that through a balanced and healthy diet, a stable and calm mind and proper (Qigong) exercise we will naturally become very healthy.

The Qigong training methods benefit and develop the whole of the human being: body, mind and spirit.

Through practicing Qigong we learn how to get a more relaxed body and healthy physical posture, deeper and more full breathing, a calm mind and more mental concentration, more sensitivity to the flow of energy in and around the body and finally reach a state of peace or enlightenment within yourself. The Qigong exercises develop the deeper potential of the body and the mind.

Qigong can also be used to make the body stronger and get an almost superhuman strength. This aspect of Qigong is called hard Qigong and is used for martial arts. The video below is an example of hard Qigong. However, the emphasis of the practice of Qigong in Harmónia Tai Chi Retreat is on healthcare, relaxation and spiritual development.

At Harmónia Tai Chi Retreat we practice the three main ways of doing Qigong: Sitting, standing and moving.
By combining different moves from many different forms and making new movements, the instructor Friso Halbertsma created

a set of moving Qigong that is easy to learn yet provides a rich and effective Qigong experience.

In addition, this moving form is practiced together with standing Qigong to create maximum effectiveness and enjoyment. Anyone, regardless of age or fitness level, can practice it and gain its many benefits. Other classes include sitting Qigong/meditation or standing Qigong for longer amounts of time.

The instructor is a 25th generation inheritor of the Jin Gang Li Gong Qigong lineage who learned both hard Qigong and internal healthcare/spiritual Qigong in China through intensive practice and oral transmission.