How did I come to this idea?

The Harmónia Tai Chi Retreat was born as the result of my own search for my right place in the world, my self-development process and life experiences.

After finishing my master studies, I began to build my international career in Austria. I spent four years in Vienna in an international corporate environment, in the world of meetings and projects with deadlines. Once the first excitement had gone away and my competitive attitude changed, my attention shifted more and more to the one-sidedness of the values in modern life.

In both corporate life and modern society, the focus is on external development, measurable performance and achievements.

We have to achieve more and more, work faster and more efficiently. The constant external stimulations of daily life and the products and services, that offer ‘instant happiness’ create an illusion of unlimited possibilities. But on the long term, none of them make anyone truly happy. We long for happiness and satisfaction and keep going from one source of happiness to the other. But in the end we are just looking for distractions all the time, instead of looking into ourselves and building up our inner world with the same intensity.

After a while I felt that I wanted to retreat from this world and work on my own personal development, instead of my status in society.

My interest in martial arts, eastern philosophy and meditation techniques led me to Asia, where I spent three months in the Kunyu Shan martial arts school in 2016. In China, Friso Halbertsma crossed my path for the first time.

After three months of physical, mental and spiritual renewal I returned to Vienna. At this point I decided to change my career. I wanted to master a profession through which I could help people to work on their self-development and to help them find solutions to the questions and concerns in their lives. I chose for coaching, in which I found a people-oriented, practical new job that also satisfied my interest in psychology. For a longer time I had the desire to create an own business, through which I wanted to improve the quality of people’s lives, while at the same time using and mastering all my own skills. During the coaching education this desire to create an own business only grew. My wish became clear:

I wanted to make it possible for everyone to retreat from the stressful everyday life and to focus on their inner world.

I would also like to transfer my own knowledge and experience to support others in their self-development. I would like to make it possible for other people to experience what I experienced during my three months in Asia. Many people will not want or are not able to go so far away for such a long time yet would still be benefitted by such an experience.

I believe that every interaction in our lives happens for a reason: from every person we meet we learn something. Friso Halbertsma is one of the most important people in my life. Not only because I found my life partner, but because we share the same business idea. He has expertise in Tai Chi and a lot of experience with people as a social worker while I have my coaching education and business skills. Together with the rich and diverse life experiences that we both have, it provides the perfect conditions for our joint venture.


What is our goal with creating the Harmónia Tai Chi Retreat?

For me the Harmónia Tai Chi Retreat is my own life philosophy in physical form. It brings everything that is important in my life together, also for other people to benefit from.

The retreat is a place that provides an ideal environment and space for all who want to work on their personal development. It is meant as an oasis in a fast-paced world, where we focus on harmonizing the body, mind and spirit.

Practicing Tai Chi contributes to maintaining and improving physical health, while meditation and coaching support spiritual and personal development.


What can I offer?

Besides the management of Harmónia Tai Chi Retreat, my expertise lies in coaching. After your arrival, in the form of a personal consultation (intake), we will talk about your personal goals during your stay in the retreat and we will discuss how to personalize the program to suit your wishes. During your stay you can use the opportunity for personal coaching sessions, where you can work on your self-development and benefit from the various coaching techniques.


What is important to know about me?

  • open to the world, seeking to explore the world in various ways
  • respectful for others and their differences, while critical on a positive way: questioning everything
  • continuous and all-round self-development has a great importance in my life
  • philosophical but at the same time practical


What kind of educations do I have?

  • International tour guide (Reiseleiter Akademie, Vienna, 2018)
  • Systemic coaching (Akademie für Systemisches Coaching und Organisationsentwicklung, Vienna, 2017)
  • Economist MA, Regional planning and environmental economy (Corvinus University Budapest, 2013)
  • Economist BSC, Sales and international marketing (Budapest Business School, 2010)