“I believe that Tai Chi, meditation and Qigong are a medicine to many of the problems present in the world.”

Many people have lost touch with themselves: the body, the mind and the spirit. The philosophies of meditation and martial arts are actually very obvious: through studying how our bodies work and how the mind works we will naturally come to understand life through experience.

Everything is about balance, breathing correctly, using your energy properly and creating a state of harmony within yourself.

Modern society and professional life does not always share the same values: we are judged only on our performance, physical appearance or how we are ‘supposed to be’, which leaves little room for being who we actually are. For me, all art is fundamentally an expression of who we are and martial arts is no different in this. The search for who we are is the great treasure of life but unfortunately it is often repressed.

These ancient practices offer an integral system to develop all parts of life and experience life as it is: full of harmony.

Since I was around seventeen years old I began an intense search for how to create this ‘harmonious life’. The search led me to do many different things and study life from many different angles. I went to Africa for a while to do volunteer work, I studied social work to understand and help people with mental difficulties/illnesses, I read all the books I could find on (mental) healthcare, philosophy and different spiritual traditions and

I dedicated myself to learning martial arts and meditation which I have been practicing for many years.

I began martial arts in the Netherlands: studying Wing Chun and Kun Tao (an Indonesian form of martial arts).  I have also been to China for four times to study Qigong, Tai Chi, Wing Chun and Ba Ji full time. In total I spent seventeen months in China, where I trained six to eight hours every day. In 2015 I was honored to be accepted as

a formal disciple of my master ‘Guo Xinmin’ because of my dedication to and aptitude for Qigong.

From master Guo I learned martial arts and the Qigong techniques for spiritual development and healthcare that I consider great treasures for humanity.

In between my periods in China I worked as a social worker for all kinds of different people. I worked with children with behavioral problems, severely traumatized people, people with serious mental disorders, people suffering from hypertension and stress and people who were depressed or even suicidal. In this work

I started to use Tai Chi and meditation to help people to relax the body, learn how to let go of destructive life patterns or thoughts and work on their wellbeing from within.

Modern (mental) healthcare relies a lot on pharmaceutical drugs to suppress the symptoms of the illness but I found that even though this is effective on the short-term, in order to actually improve long-term wellbeing there must also be some form of healing from within. The results of using Tai Chi in this work were overwhelmingly positive and provided me with many rich experiences on how to use these arts for people with very different backgrounds and needs.

For a long time I have had the dream to create

a place that revolves around martial arts training, meditation, spirituality, psychological insights and an all-round healthy lifestyle.

The Harmónia Tai Chi Retreat is the product of all the skills, life-experiences and passions of me and my partner Ibolya Nagy. It is meant as a place where anyone can come to de-stress, work on self-development and experience relaxation through activity. I am very proud to present the Harmónia Tai Chi Retreat to the world in the hope that its existence will be of benefit to many people’s lives.