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Yes, if you …
… are looking for relaxation, de-stressing and an active holiday in a peaceful environment close to the nature.
… want to have free time to do the things you want while also participating in wellbeing-orientated training and activities.
… are interested in learning about Tai Chi, meditation and Qigong and how these arts can benefit the health of body and mind.
… are interested in self-development and wish to take an active role in your self-development process.
… are interested in coaching.
No. Both beginners and more experienced people are very welcome to join. The diverse schedule and curriculum will provide to all visitors a satisfying experience.

* Please note that Tai Chi is in individual art and the movements can vary between all teachers and students. The forms and movements learned somewhere else can differ from what you learn at the Harmónia Tai Chi Retreat.
Harmónia Tai Chi Retreat is a project founded by Ibolya Nagy and Friso Halbertsma. The purpose of the retreat is to create a mixture between wellbeing and training: Combining the ancient health-care orientated practices of Tai Chi and Meditation with modern psychology and coaching. Through this combination, Harmónia Tai Chi retreat seeks to provide the right atmosphere for self-development.
Harmónia Tai Chi Retreat is located in the town of Gyenesdiás in the northwest of the lake Balaton in Hungary. Balaton is a beautiful natural lake surrounded by villages and national parks. Gyenesdiás is located between the beach and the Balaton Highland National Park and is known for its friendly atmosphere and beautiful nature. Most of the training takes place on location in the house and garden of Harmónia Tai Chi Retreat. We also use the opportunity to train at idyllic places in the national park area.
Harmónia Tai Chi Retreat provides training, coaching, fresh water and healthy snacks but at the moment nothing related to accommodations or meals. Being a highly developed touristic area, there are many apartments and hotels near to Harmónia Tai Chi Retreat. Visitors who would like to take care of their budget can find many cheap but high quality apartments. There are also multiple wellness hotels nearby for anyone interested in more luxury during their stay. We are ready to help you in questions regarding to the accommodation. We also collected some useful information about the accommodation on this website.

Food is not provided by Harmónia Tai Chi Retreat. There are many good and affordable restaurants near the retreat and a variety of supermarkets near where visitors can do the shopping.
Please bring a few sets of comfortable sports clothing and a pair of sport shoes. In addition, if you wish to go swim in the lake or hike in the hills, please bring appropriate clothing.
Visitors can learn a variety of different Tai Chi forms. There are meditation and Qigong classes. You can participate in personal coaching sessions. There are different optional classes and activities. There is also enough free time so that visitors can practice by themselves, relax or go on trips in the neighborhood.
Friso Halbertsma is the instruktor of Tai Chi, meditation and Qigong. Friso Halbertsma studied martial arts and Qigong in China and is a disciple of one of the greatest masters in China. Friso Halbertsma is a graduated social worker with a lot of experience in using Tai Chi and meditation to help people to relax and de-stress. Ibolya Nagy is responsible for coaching and personal development. To read more about the founders’ professional background, please press here.
Every day features a variety of activities. Harmónia Tai Chi Retreat offers classes in Tai Chi, Meditation, Qigong, self-defense and stretching for flexibility. Personal coaching is also offered on demand. For more information about the schedule please press here.
To benefit from your stay at Harmónia Tai Chi retreat, it is recommended that you follow at least the two Tai Chi classes per day. Harmónia Tai Chi Retreat wants every visitor to have the experience they are looking for. This means that visitors are free to organize their time as they see fit. The visitors who would like a full schedule and the visitors who would like more free time will be satisfied by the opportunities at Harmónia Tai Chi Retreat.
Harmónia Tai Chi Retreat will open for international visitors from March in 2019. If you wish to join the program, please use the intake form.
Tai Chi is a form of martial arts that focusses on relaxation and softness. It has a relaxing effect on people who practice it. It has many health benefits and is proven to be stress-reducing. For more information about Tai Chi please press here.
A retreat is a peaceful place to which you can go to de-stress, relax and reconnect with yourself. The coaching, environment and training at the Harmónia Tai Chi Retreat are all meant to provide the right atmosphere for self-development.
Meditation is the art of turning your attention inward. Through practicing meditation we learn how to calm and open the mind, concentrate, relax the body and improve mind-body communication. For more information about meditation please press here.
Coaching is a supportive activity in the form of personal conversation. Coaching can be useful for anyone. It can help you to move forward, if you get stuck in any area of your life or feel that you can not cope with your problems alone. However, coaching is recommended not only for those struggling with difficulties! If everything works well in your life but you would like to work on your self-development, to discover and evolve your abilities, coaching also offers great opportunities. For more information about coaching methods and the different ways it can benefit your life, please press here.