What is Coaching?

“By opening new horizons for us and being practical at the same time, coaching is a great tool for us to not spend our life dreaming, but live our dream life.”

Coaching is not an exact science, it cannot be explained with a single definition. A coach needs an interest and some basic knowledge in psychology, insight into human behavior, an open mind, empathy, self-reflection and analytical thinking. There are different trends and methods within the field of coaching. However, all coaching is:

future- and solution-oriented and focuses on exploring and developing the client’s resources.

The goal of coaching is to support those interested in self-development and to help people find a solution if they get stuck in a particular area of their life.

How does a coaching session look like?

It is important to make clear that

coaching is not a counseling practice offering ‘instant solutions’ but a process that requires time and the client to take an active role in it.

Coaching takes place in the form of personal conversations. We use special questioning techniques and other methods to understand the current situation, explore the individual potential and develop a solution strategy.
In Harmónia Tai Chi Retreat the methods of systemic coaching are applied. The center of the systemic coaching theory is that everything (for example: a particular problem) exists only within a system and under certain circumstances. A system can be a society, a school community or a family.

In each individual there is a different ‘world’. Each person perceives the surrounding world differently and gives an individual meaning to it depending on own life experiences, emotional state, intelligence level, etc. The advice from an external system, even if it given with the best of intentions, is not always likely to give the best solution. In fact, only we ourselves can change our own attitude, behavior and thoughts.

Everyone is responsible for his/her own life and everyone has the ability to change his/her own life as he/she wishes.

The power of coaching lies in giving us new perspectives through opening our mind and making us conscious that we are able to behave, think and act differently.

Everyone is the expert of their own life and problems, so in coaching the client is responsible for the content of the conversation. The coach is an expert in how to support his/her client to find answers to his/her questions. The coach helps to develop a solution strategy for problems that can be applied successfully.

For who is coaching?

Coaching is useful for anyone who wants to work on self-development and to explore and develop his/her personal skills. Coaching can help you to move forward if you get stuck in any area of your life or feel that you cannot cope with your problems alone. We can learn how to manage our life more efficiently by setting and achieving small goals, through which we can also fulfill our long-term goals.