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Friso Halbertsma is the instructor for Tai Chi, Qigong, meditation and self-defense. Friso Halbertsma began studying martial arts in his teenage years in the Netherlands and spent more than one and a half year in China in a martial arts and Qigong academy. Here he studied Chinese Qigong and martial arts full time from one of the most high-ranked masters arts in China: Guo Xinmin. Friso Halbertsma is an official disciple of master Guo Xinmin and the 25th generation inheritor of a Qigong system. Friso Halbertsma has a bachelor degree in social work and is specialized in using Qigong, meditation and Tai Chi for stress-relief, internal healing and spiritual growth. To read more about Friso Halbertsma, please follow this link.




Ibolya Nagy, Coaching, self-development

Ibolya Nagy is co-founder and manager of the Harmónia Tai Chi Retreat. Besides the perfect organisation of your time in the Harmónia Tai Chi Retreat, Ibolya Nagy is responsible for supporting your self-development process. Ibolya Nagy has a bachelor and master degree in economics is a certified travel guide and a systemic coach. With her broad and varied education, rich life experience and exceptional people skills she is the right person to guide you on your way of self-exploration. To read more about Ibolya Nagy, please follow this link.